Sacha – Goldsmith Designer


Sacha specializes in handmade, one of a kind jewelry.  The custom design process explores what you want and expect from your rings, helping you find style and function that works for you and your budget.


Get to know Sacha! 

What inspired you to become a jeweler?

I’ve always loved working with my hands and creating.  For a while I thought I’d go to school to make and repair stringed instruments but as soon as metal met my hands, I was hooked.  It’s so satisfying for me to make metal do what I want it to do.  It's also rewarding to hold a finished piece in my hands and know that I made it.

What does your design process look like? 

I’m a bit of a problem solver and sometimes the design process is like a puzzle.  It’s my job to find the right questions to ask clients and help them land on a final design.  Every journey is different, some clients come to me with an idea already forming, while others only know they want to design something but they don't know what it is yet.

A good design needs to check all the boxes, for example.  A ring should withstand to the life you’re living - I’d hate to put a tall stone with high prongs on a hand that is constantly wearing rubber gloves at work, or a thin band on an extremely active hand.  A ring should be comfortable - if a ring is too wide it may be uncomfortable to wear, or if a ring is too flashy you may feel self-conscious about wearing it daily. And a ring should fit in you budget - there’s a big world of possibilities when designing your rings and we can do a lot of exploring of design options that are within your reach.

What is your favorite part about designing wedding rings? 

I really love for wedding rings to be a pair; I think there’s something special about being able to tell two rings were exchanged together by just looking at them.  For some sets it’s using the same materials that ties the design together, and in other cases it’s incorporating similar design elements with different materials that makes them work together.  

What is your favorite wedding advice? 

I happen to be planning a wedding myself right now, and I can tell you that we’re intentionally focused on spending time celebrating with the important people in our lives.  I’ve attended weddings in the past where everything is a whirlwind for 3 hours and you only get to say “hello/goodbye” to the happy couple. And don’t forget about the two of you!  Be sure to check in together throughout the event, after all it's a day to celebrate your love.

What is your favorite wedding ring design you’ve ever created?

One man came to me and said his bride-to-be loved everything polka-dot, he asked if he could get a polka-dot engagement ring!  Another client said she and her husband-to-be love fishing together, so we pulled design inspiration from a fishing lure in their tackle box. Those were some fun projects but to be honest I get a lot of joy in finishing a ring for a client and hearing that it's their favorite ring!


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