The considerate couple – taking care of your guests

Common wisdom says that the wedding day is the bride’s day, but even though the bride (and, OK, the groom, too) should be in the spotlight, it’s important that you remember to be considerate of the people you’ve invited to share your special day. The considerate bride will take some time to think of others and ensure that her family and friends are well cared for throughout the wedding day.

Here are some tips for making your wedding easy and enjoyable for your guests:

Accommodating the elderly

Give your elderly guests easy access to the ceremony and reception. If you can, designate extra parking spaces close to the venue entrance for those who have difficulty walking. 

For the ceremony, make sure the sound system is working and is loud enough for those who are hard of hearing.
Assign someone to help them to and from their seats. 

Are you planning to have loud music at your reception? If so, try to set aside space in a separate room or in a far corner where your older guests (or anyone who prefers quiet conversations to dancing all night) can have a chat. This would also be a great area to set up some games for the introverts in the crowd.
Making it fun for kids

If you’ve invited your guests to bring your children, you probably want all parties to have a good time. There are two main rules to success with kids at weddings: Keep them entertained, and feed them things they’ll actually eat. 

There are many approaches to keeping kids entertained during your wedding, from providing coloring sets and games at the tables to having a separate kids’ room with movies and a babysitter. You want to ensure that they’re happy and busy for as long as their parents decide  to stay.

Also, make sure you have simple, accessible food for the little ones. No matter how great you think your salmon with lemon risotto is, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a child who will eat it happily. It’s hard to go wrong with pizza or chicken nuggets, but make sure to check for food allergies and plan accordingly.

For all the rest

Be clear with expectations. Are you only serving appetizers, or do you want guests to wear black tie? Don’t be shy about it – make it clear in your invitations, so that people don’t expect something they won’t be getting.

Also, make sure to get face time with everyone. It’s easy to get swept away on your day, but there’s nothing worse than for a guest to feel they’ve been invited to a wedding out of obligation or for a gift, so avoid that by doing your best to spend a little time with all of your guests. 

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Did we miss anything? What do you think the considerate couple does to accommodate their guests? Tell us in the comments below!