Weddings With Spirit And Wit


First ... Congratulations! From simple to customized, traditional to non-traditional, I'll work with you to create the memorable ceremony you envision. It's your day to shine and share your way. Priced to fit your budget. Free consultations.

A little bit about Weddings with Spirit and Wit

Long ago and far away, I began training for the Episcopal ministry, studying religion and spirituality. Though the Church didn't turn out to be my cup of tea (frankly, I probably wasn't theirs, either!), I have found myself called later in life to assist others along the way, honoring, and celebrating life's passages. Happiness and humor are essential elements on our journey and I am honored to serve others with joy and insight.

All weddings are wonderful and unique, but here’s my most amazing memory (so far!) I met with a couple early one year, perhaps January, and they described just how they envisioned their ceremony…An early mid-October morning at Silver Lake in east Whatcom County…the sun just breaking through the dawning mist…an old-fashioned handfasting…an all-around magical experience. Well, I had already performed a few handfastings (a lovely tradition that I’m glad to see making a comeback), and worked with the couple to personalize the ceremony, but a beautiful sunrise in mid-October in the foothills of Mount Baker? It would more likely be raining or snowing than sunny! But, on the day of the ceremony, there it all was: the warm sun, the mist rising from the lake—an absolutely perfect October morning. And, to top it all off, just as we began the ceremony a gorgeous flock of geese gracefully swooped down onto the lake behind the couple. They proved to be rather loud guests, often honking their support and approval, but I couldn’t imagine a more blessed sight. Unforgettable!

That’s why I serve as a wedding officiant: meeting and getting to know the couples, assisting as their vision becomes reality, celebrating the magical Big Day. It’s a lot of effort, but a whole lot more joy. I cannot imagine a more fulfilling “job.”



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