What to include in your wedding website


1. Write out your story. Tell your guests how you met and fell in love in a simple paragraph on the home page of the site. Include the proposal story here as well.

2. A fun questions and answers section will add some personality and possibly even humor to the site.

3. Add a video of the proposal itself, or a video of you and your fiancé playing a version of the Newlywed Game or two truths and a lie. This is an entertaining addition that shows who you are as a couple.

4. Have people RSVP online. This makes things simple. All of the RSVPs will be in one place, well organized and this eliminates worry about anything getting lost in the mail or coming back

5. Available accommodations are an important inclusion. List hotels that meet a variety of price points, rental car agencies and available shuttles. Make sure you are helping your traveling guests as much as you possibly can with this section.

6. A schedule of events should also have its own page on your site. This should include directions to both the ceremony and reception sites. This way, even if your guests lose the invitation, they can just pop onto your site and find all the details. This is a good place to include whether or not kids are allowed. Be sensitive and gracious in your wording if they are not invited.

7. Your wedding website is the perfect place for your registry. Add this in as a separate page, and link to various sites you are registered on.

8. Another fun addition is a who’s who in the wedding party page. Here, you can include photos of bridesmaids and groomsmen, and you can write out a little blurb for each one. This is a nice way to acknowledge the people who will be helping you through the planning process and the big day itself.


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