Why hire a pro

You’d like to save a little money, or you want to give a friend or family member a chance to shine. Maybe your friend likes to take photos in his free time, or your grandma’s a fantastic cook. Before you decide to hand over important wedding day tasks to your friends and relatives, let us tell you why we think you should hire a professional instead.
Why hire a pro, Radley Muller Photography, Pacific Coast Weddings
You get what you pay for. When you hire a professional, you get to thoroughly vet them – see their previous work, read reviews and get samples. You can make sure that they are going to do a wonderful job on your wedding day. They’re charging for what they do because they’re great at it, and you can confirm that before you hire them. You’re not likely to have the same luxury with a friend or relative.

They’re experienced. It’s unlikely that you’ve ever planned an event this big before, and no matter how confident you feel about planning, you’re going to want people on your side who have been through it all before. Professionals have worked many weddings before, and know exactly what they should be doing, and how to keep your day on track. They’re also practiced at handling the stress and chaotic environment of the typical wedding day.

You’re protected. What happens if your photographer friend loses their memory card with all of your photos on it, or your guests get sick after eating your aunt’s food? You’ll likely have little legal recourse, and that relationship could be at risk. If instead you hire a professional, you’ve got a contract to fall back on that clearly states the vendor’s obligations. Professionals also carry insurance, so should any accidents happen, you won’t be left in the lurch. 

Everyone can enjoy your day. You want your friends and family to relax and have fun at your wedding, and you want to do the same. Hiring professionals to work your wedding means that instead of wrangling people and making sure they know what they’re doing all day, you can step back and enjoy the celebration you’ve worked so hard 
to create.

Getting your loved ones involved in your wedding is fantastic – they should have a role to play in such an important day. Have your best friend and your mother help you pick out your wedding dress, and ask that friend with an eye for decorating to help pick your colors, but when it comes to the essential components of your wedding, it’s best to leave it to the professionals.