4 Modern Winter Wedding Color Palettes


Are you considering joining the growing ranks of winter brides? We must say, you couldn’t be making a better choice! Though winter may be the least popular season to tie the knot, it’s seriously underrated. 

There’s just something about cold weather and a simplistic landscape that creates an atmosphere of crazy romance, right? We know all the couples getting engaged over the holidays can attest to that! 

So are you ready to create an enchanted winter wedding to make everyone in your life come together? Whether you’re looking for a subtle twist to the classic holiday color scheme or something entirely new, we’ve created five totally modern color palettes so you can start planning your perfect winter wedding in style.

If you’ve been perusing Pinterest for winter color palettes, we know you’ve already come across a variation of this option. Defined by deep reds and burgundies, blush and rose and, of course, ivory and green, this is the most loved winter color palette around. These colors flatter every venue and skin tone, create the best starting point for bridesmaids’ dresses, and are just flat-out stunning!

This simple muted color palette is like something out of a dream. If you want to diverge from the bright and stark holiday colors, this may be the way to go. With a collection of beautiful calming blues and simple pinks and rust tones, this palette is just made for the unconventional, wildly unique couples. Consider it for your small winter ceremony or adventure elopement to draw attention to you and your partner’s natural connection.

Love your big personality and want to show it? This bright winter color palette is totally for you. In this option, the greens stay how they’d like to: bright! And the pinks aren’t here to blend in, either. If you’re sticking to a classic look and feel, but just need that little something, incorporate this color scheme into your bouquet to amplify the memorability of your elegant gown or suit.

This color palette is what happens when you take the simplicity of option two and add a bit of mood. For all the brides out there that are looking to create a modern wedding (perfect for the dark & moody photographers out there), this color palette will make your heart sing. With yellows, blues, pinks, and greens that look like they’d come right out of a fashion magazine, this is a fitting palette for any couple hoping to break from the norm