A note from the Editor

2024 Edition


Marriage is an adventure, and your wedding is just the opening credits. As you plan, and book and continue planning, you may feel the creeping sensation that certain things are wrapping up. Not to worry; in moving through the final season of your single life, you are setting up the ultimate spin-off. Your new life together as a married couple is an adventure worth being excited about.

Remember that for every uniquely you decision, there will be relatives offering alternatives and personal preferences. This is your wedding. The decisions you make with your future spouse will prove again and again that you are marrying the person who understands you best.

However big or small, your wedding is going to come together. The seemingly insurmountable to-do lists will get shorter, we promise. The big day will come (you’ll have so much fun), and it’ll pass. Afterwards you’ll be married, and a few weeks later, on a sunny Saturday morning, you’ll wonder how you ever found time to fit in wedding planning on top of everything else.

Pacific Coast Wedding is here for you, to make the planning easier. In the following pages you will find advice, reliable and talented vendors, gorgeous venues, checklists and wedding planning inspiration. Check out our website at pacificcoastweddings.us for more information on our vendors, photos of our venues, and exclusive wedding content. From Pacific Coast Weddings to you, happy planning!