Celebrity wedding highlights 2018

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As 2018 draws to a close, we thought it best to summarize for you those instances of fabulous celebrity weddings. These are the celebrity wedding highlights from 2018. Many more celebrities tied the knot, wore designer dresses and went the extra mile to make a beautiful day as well, but these were standouts we thought were worth mentioning.
​Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra were married on December 1. The week-long celebration began on November 26 in Mumbai according to Vogue. Many Indian traditions were reflected in the events and attire. Priyanka Chopra sported a 75-foot long veil on the actual wedding day. She surely chose a veil that upstaged the royal veils and trains of earlier this year (see Trains, tiaras and diamonds, oh my! post). According to People Magazine, Chopra’s Ralf Lauren dress was embroidered with 8 words and phrases including Jonas’s full name. In turn, People Magazine also reported that Jonas carried inside his lapel a piece of lace from Chopra’s dress embroidered with the Urdu phrase for “My life.” Chopra changed into an alternate beaded Ralf Lauren gown for the reception, playing into the two dress trend we have seen this year. Though there was some talk of the wedding being overly sponsored, that controversy seems to have blown over rather quickly. This couple had a second traditional Hindu wedding as well. When reviewing photos of the events of the wedding week, the take away is that the bride and groom just couldn’t stop smiling. Despite allegations that the romance was whirl-wind and too short, their smiles seem to leave that a moot point.
Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Falchuk were married on September 29. The bride started off the ceremony in a Valentino couture gown with a sheer veil and then changed into a Stella McCartney romper for the reception according to Harper’s Bazaar. Tom Ford can be credited with the dapperness of the groom and groomsmen, as Town and Country reported. Paltrow’s daughters were clad in Monique Lhuillier gowns. Town and Country stated that after the wedding the flowers were donated to Repeat Roses, which gives donated flowers to hospitals and medical centers. Today reported that there were about 70 guests at the actual affair and dinner was catered by Mario Carbone. Paltrow and Falchuk’s first date took place in one of Carbone’s restaurants, so he was more than just a delectable choice, he was also the sentimental choice. The wedding was, on a celebrity scale, intimate, but beautiful and magical in its Hamptons setting.
Queen Harrison and Will Claye tied the knot this year in true Olympian fashion. Harrison wore a Vera Wang lace gown with sheer sleeves and a Vera Wang veil according to People Magazine. Also as stated by people, the wedding took place at Montaña Cielo, an estate in the hills of eastern San Diego. According to Inside Weddings, the couple had their engagement photo session in a gym, which seemed entirely fitting for the silver medalist, and Harrison, who fell slightly short of the Olympic team this last go-around. Inside Weddings also stated that Claye, upon winning silver in Rio, jumped into the stands and proposed to Harrison right then and there. An overall athletic affair, the wedding was officiated by Randall Cunningham, former NFL quarterback according to Team USA. His daughter competed in the high jump in Rio and took home 13th place. 
In hush hush wedding news, Ellen Page and Emma Portner tied the knot at the very beginning of 2018. They announced with a photo of their hands with simple matching bands. The wedding was incredibly secretive, and few details are known, but what is clear from their public interactions is that these two women are very happy together.
​Amy Schumer and Chris Fischer wed in February in an intimate ceremony in Malibu. According to Brides, John Early officiated the ceremony in drag. He was among several A-list guests. Schumer wore a Monique Lhuillier Severine Chantilly Lace and Tulle Gown according the The Shmooze, which also reported that Schumer walked down the aisle to Rainbow Connection. It was a comedian’s wedding down to the details. Breaking traditions, The Schmooze stated that Schumer texted guests inviting them just days before the event.
Rose Leslie and Kit Harington married on June 23 of this year, and the affair was more than worthy of the Game of Thrones stars. Leslie wore a stunning dress complete with train and full length veil. According to Standard, the lace dress was designed by Elie Saab. The detailing of the veil looks like there are a cascade of white flowers falling down her back. Her outfit, of course, would not have been complete without the flower crown, which she wore with her hair down. According to Harper’s Bazaar, the couple announced their engagement in a small notice in the newspaper. Naturally, many of the couple’s Game of Thrones costars were in attendance, all looking absolutely smashing and overjoyed for the Leslie and Harington.
​Bee Shaffer married Francesco Carrozzini in Italy for the second time this year. Shaffer is the daughter of Anna Wintour, longtime editor-in-chief of American Vogue, while Carrozzini is the son of the late Vogue Italia Editor-in-chief Franca Sozzani. The couple met through their mothers according to The Kit. The couple had two weddings, and the first, nobody knows anything about because the couple banned social media and guest photography. The second was in Italy, and according to The Kit, it took place in the town Carrozzini’s mother is buried in. The Cut stated that after the ceremony Carrozzini visited the cemetery where his mother is buried. The dress was fashion forward, exactly what one would expect of the daughter of Wintour. According to Hello Magazine, it was a V neck lace dress with a midi length skirt. The dress was paired with a lace veil and strappy gold shoes. Dolce & Gabbana designed the dress according to Harper’s Bazaar. The groom wore a blue double breasted suit, according The Cut. Both looked stunning on their special day, and more than fulfilled our expectations as the children of fashion icons.
​In terms of celebrity weddings this year was one to be remembered. Both lavish and intimate affairs graced our gossip columns, as well as secret weddings we didn’t hear about until after the fact. Destination weddings were very popular, as were full length veils and trains. Long sleeves made many appearances as well, and many brides opted for two dresses in place of one. If nothing else, these weddings show us that your wedding should match who you are. It has truly been quite a year, and this is just a sampling of the fabulous celebrity weddings that