DIY bridesmaid proposal kit


The Kit

1. Include things that imply celebration. Mini Champagne! Champagne is a good option, but mini wines or a wine bottle with a personalized label with their name on it, the wedding date or a fun rhyme about bridesmaids will add a fun touch. A monogrammed wine glass is a nice addition to this idea. Be sensitive to your bridesmaids with this; if one of your bridesmaids doesn’t drink, include a fun artisanal soda or a kombucha.
2. Pamper your bridesmaids. Include a bath bomb in the scent of their favorite flower or bubble bath so that she has a fun way to de-stress.
3. Glitter or confetti is an aesthetic choice to consider. Glitter, yes, will get everywhere, but if you think your bridesmaids will appreciate a good glittering, go for it. Another option is confetti poppers, which are less eternally messy yet still fun.
4. Personalized cards are a very nice touch. Try making the cards yourself, or at the very least write a personal note in each card. Add a photo of you and your bridesmaid with a nice sentiment on the back. This is a nice touch that shows each bridesmaid that you are thinking of her specifically.
5. A cute planner. They need somewhere to write down the wedding date, after all. This is also a nice nod to the responsibility they will be taking on as a bridesmaid.
6. There is a lot of potential wordplay when it comes to hair ties, so include some fun hair ties with a rhyme or joke about tying the knot.
7. Something useful is a nice touch. A nice monogrammed water bottle or travel mug is a gift that keeps on giving.
8. Soaps, candles, and other scent-based items are a nice opportunity to personalize each kit. What scents do each of your bridesmaids love?
9. Time together is much more valuable to your bridesmaids than an expensive bauble. Show your bridesmaids that girl time is still going to be a priority with vouchers for a spa day together, or an invitation to a special bridesmaid’s brunch. This doesn’t have to break the bank either, you could make brunch at your house and serve mimosas to give it a more personalized touch.


When it comes to bridesmaids, monogramming is in. Put their names on whatever you can. Their name is going to mean more than the word bridesmaid, so save the bridesmaid sashes for the bachelorette party or the bridal shower.

You can always personalize, and have slightly different kits for different bridesmaids. Try coordinating kits in each bridesmaid’s favorite color.

Make the maid of honor’s kit a little bigger than the others. She will be taking on extra responsibilities after all. She deserves something extra.

Make sure you package the kit so that nothing breaks, but also consider how it looks. Make sure it’s cute. Boxes are popular, because everything can be laid out and set in place, but nice reusable totes are a good alternative. Baskets are also a possibility if your gifts are a little bulkier.

​If a kit isn’t your style, perhaps, just give a simple bracelet or earrings with a nice note.