DIY: Yarn-wrapped wine bottles

We love Do-It-Yourself projects. 

They are a cheap and easy way to dress up your wedding day with just a little bit of elbow grease. One of the trends we love right now is dressing up old bottles and jars with rope or ribbon, and we decided to give it a go ourselves. We took some old wine bottles from sleek to shabby chic with just a little yarn.

Go ahead, try it. You'll fall in love!

DIY: Yarn-wrapped bottles, a how-to guide

It's simple. Grab an empty, clean wine bottle, a paintbrush, a jar of Mod Podge and your favorite color of yarn. Keep a pair of scissors on hand, you'll need them at the end.
Spread a little Mod Podge around the mouth of the bottle to help the yarn stick.
Begin wrapping the yarn around the bottle in concentric circles. Make sure you leave a tail to wrap around, it helps keep the yarn tight when you're first starting.
It takes a little while, around 20 minutes per bottle, so if you're doing a lot grab a couple of friends, a glass of wine and put on some good music.
Wrap, wrap, wrap away.
When you get to the curve in the bottle, you'll want to add a little more Mod Podge. It gets a little tricky there without it and if you pull too tight, your yarn will bunch (and it's really hard to smooth it back out!).
Halfway there!
It helps to use your most focused face. That yarn's a tricky bugger!
About half an inch from the bottom, add some more glue to start securing the final strands.
Wrap as close to the bottom as you like (we did up to a 1/4"), and then make your cut!
Add a few flowers, and you have a beautiful wrapped vase that has a lovely organic look!
We loved this project! Feel free to try it a different way - wrap mason jars with rope or twine for a nautical or rustic look, use braided ribbon, or experiment with colored stripes. Make it your own - the possibilities are endless!

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