Hiring a professional: The difference it makes

It’s no secret that when you’re planning your wedding, costs can add up fast, and when Uncle Bob has a “nice camera” or Aunt Sue makes the “best cake ever,” it can be tempting to farm out wedding day tasks to save some dough. 

But what happens when the photos don’t turn out or something goes wrong and the cake never makes it?

Those are questions you need to ask yourself before you agree to let your friends, relatives or those who are 
trying to get their foot in the business take a role in the most important day of your life.
1. It saves relationships. If things go south because Uncle Bob forgot to bring an extra memory card and didn’t photograph the father/daughter dance, there’s potential for the relationship to be strained or severed. Hiring a professional keeps your familial relationships and friendships out of harm’s way. 

2. You have legal recourse. Say you hired cousin Amy to alter your dress and, well, she accidentally spilled red wine on it. Of course it was an accident, and of course she’s sorry, but what if she refuses to cover the cost (or can’t). Professionals carry insurance to cover mishaps such as these and are able to reimburse you if the worst should happen.

3. You’re protected. A professional offers a  contract for their services that protects both parties. That way, if a disagreement should arise, there’s a piece of paper that you can refer to that clearly states what was expected and whether that expectation was fulfilled or not.

4. You can enjoy your day. Professionals are just that – professional. Their work is consistent, they know what they’re doing, have the chops to prove it and generally can navigate just about any crisis because they’ve been there, done that. 

Hiring a professional means you don’t have to worry about whether the food is safe to eat, or if the flowers will wilt
before the ceremony.

5. They offer experience you won’t necessarily have. Most people are planning their wedding with no knowledge of how to throw a large-scale event with all the moving parts a wedding entails. 

You can buy all the books you want and read every how-to on the internet, but until you’ve been in the thick of it, it’s a whole other story. 

Professionals have been to many events and have firsthand knowledge of how the entire process should happen. Plus, they are generally capable of managing people and handling the stress and fast pace typical of a wedding day. 

Find questions to ask professional wedding vendors on our Questions to Ask page and download worksheets to take with you when you are looking for your vendors.
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Did hiring a professional save your day? Do you wish you had gone with a professional? Tell us all about it in the comments below!