Coordinating help

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The dress is draped on the hanger, the bouquets are in vases and the rings lie safely tucked away in the best man’s breast pocket. It’s time. For many, at this moment, their mind is racing, completing a final mental checklist, but you aren’t doing that. You’re thinking about how excited you are to see your fiancé at the end of the aisle. You don’t have to go over any checklist on the day-of because you asked for help.

Make a plan in advance, delegate responsibilities in an organized and fair fashion, and find yourself checklist-free on your way down the aisle.

How to coordinate helpers:

Make a chart. Use an online spreadsheet or write it out by hand. List the tasks that need to be handled day-of and write in who is in charge of each task.

Tasks to include:

Greeting and coordinating with caterers, photographers, the officiant and other hired personal as they arrive, organizing bridesmaids, managing the betrotheds’ phones (someone will call to say they’re running late or need directions), self-care reminders (pass out snacks and water bottles while getting ready), holder of the emergency kit (p X), timekeepers to keep bridesmaids, groomsmen, spouses and family on schedule, and someone at the ready to run last-minute offsite errands if anything has been forgotten.

Who to ask:

Parents, bridesmaids, groomsmen, other family members and trusted friends.

How to make sure everyone

is on the same page:

If you made a digital chart, share it with everyone who has agreed to a task. If you handwrote it, take a picture and text it to the wedding party group chat. Print or take copies of the list to the wedding venue and post them where each group is getting ready (this is another task you may want to assign to a helper).

The asking itself:

Always ask people of they are willing to do extra tasks. Be gracious if someone doesn’t think they have the bandwidth to do extra tasks on the big day; you can always ask someone else.

Consider letting everyone pick the tasks that they are most comfortable with. Share the chart over a group text or email and allow participants to add their name next to tasks that appeal to them.