How to make your wedding last

Photo by Autumn Pines Photography
In this digital age, memories have become less fleeting. Especially with sacred wedding moments such as the first dance or that smile he wore when you walked down the aisle, preserving memories from your day means being able to reminisce for years to come.

The playlist 

Music can take you back. It is likely that you’ll put a lot of thought into each tune played at your wedding – from the first dance to the song that will get your friends out of their seats. Don’t let the beat go forgotten. Burn a CD or keep a digital playlist online (whichever way you are less likely to lose it). However way you choose to store your songs – you won’t have to worry about the music you’ll play during your next anniversary.

The photos

Digitally-produced photo albums have made it easier than ever to organize your snapshots. Pull the digital downloads from your photographer and load them up. Easy-to-use programs let you convert to black and white, make collages, add quotes and more. When compiling your pictures, keep it semi-organized in the order of the day (getting ready first, reception last). Your album will tell a story from beginning to end. This is your personal book, so focus on using the pictures that are most likely to make you laugh, smile or cry in the years to come.

The people

It can be especially rewarding to see an event through someone else’s eyes. There are plenty of ways to include your guests in the preservation process. You can have your loved ones sign a guest book of warm wishes and advice before they leave, take photos on disposable cameras, or write down a memory.