How to Run your Unplugged Wedding


Imagine getting your wedding photos back and seeing that many pictures are tainted by someone in the background looking down at their phone or taking a picture. Unplugged weddings are becoming increasingly popular. You want your guests to be engaged during your wedding and not watching it through a screen. You’re paying a wedding photographer for a reason. Here are a few tips to keep the awkward cell phone photos out of your wedding album.

1. Put it in your wedding invitations. Adding a quick note in your wedding invitations to leave the phones at home is a good start. People will understand you are committed early on to have a successful unplugged wedding.

2. Have the officiant announce it at the beginning of the ceremony. It is your big day and people are bending over backwards to make sure your big day is successful. If your officiant kindly asks at the beginning of the ceremony to turn off phones on request of the bride and groom, most people will respect your wishes. 

3. Have a box at the entrance for people to safely store their electronics. If you are having a coat check, incorporate a sign encouraging people to check their phones too.

4. Send out an announcement before the wedding. Take a cute picture with your future husband with a sign saying something like, “Enjoy the wedding now, we’ll share the pictures later.” Post it on social media or send it out to your guests.

5. Have signs posted around the venue: Everyone can benefit from a quick reminder. Make cute signs reminding people to keep their phones out of sight and enjoy the moment.

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