Bridezilla, who? Here's how to rock your wedding day!


We’ve all heard the term Bridezilla. And whether you’re a bride or a groom, we know that being compared to a giant prehistoric sea monster is not on your wedding day checklist. 

The media is full of epic “Bridezilla stories” from charging no-shows $100 for uneaten meals to demanding a bridesmaid dye her hair, but it goes deeper than that. The term “Bridezilla” really boils down to one thing: a seriously stressed-out human. All the other craziness just builds from there.

So, if you want to be a wedding planning boss while avoiding this unpleasant term, it’s all about managing stress and being proactive. Wondering where to start? 

Here are our recommendations for how to avoid stress and stay positive during your wedding planning process:

Caylie Mash Photography
Caylie Mash Photography

Take a second (or many) to be realistic

Wedding days come with a lot of pressure! It’s your one special day, the day you’ve been looking forward to for your entire life — so it’s obvious that the process of planning and living out that day can get a little overwhelming. Make sure to take some time, when you’re feeling the most stressed, to remember that this is just one day. One day, out of thousands of joy-filled days that you’ll spend with your love. Whether the day brings rain or sun, in 24 hours it’ll all be over, and you’ll head into your life together.

K. Hulett Photography
K. Hulett Photography

Listen to your loved ones

With all of the voices telling you what you should do on your wedding day, it may feel easier to just shut the door on everyone and do your own thing. And while you should hone in on your desires for your wedding day, it’s important that you allow your friends and family to feel involved and share their advice.

Even if you don’t take their feedback, giving your loved ones time and attention will show them that you care about them just as much as they care about you. It’s always better to hear them out and say “no” than to ignore them altogether. Because, in the end, the important people in your life just want to see you happy.

Photo by Kendall Rock
Photo by Kendall Rock

Be considerate of family & friends

When you’re planning your dream wedding, make sure to give your bridal party and guests consideration. Your loved ones are traveling hundreds of miles, booking hotel rooms and taking time off work to be there for you on your special day. And your bridal party is doing even more, from attending your bachelor/bachelorette party and purchasing attire to being your right-hand-man throughout the process.

Take time to inquire about their budget and remember the sacrifices they are making to show you their love and support. Doing so will help them feel seen, loved and appreciated and create a positive vibe on your wedding day.

Meraki Photography
Meraki Photography

Share the load

Taking on wedding planning and preparation is too much for two people, so it’s important to delegate. One of the easiest ways to do this is to hire skilled vendors and a wedding planner. These industry professionals know their stuff and will lighten your load considerably as they handle individual parts of your day.

But if you don’t have a wedding planner, enlisting the help of skillful friends and family will help make your vision come to life. Reach out early on to see who is authentically interested in helping you out. Make sure not to place any expectations on loved ones straight-off-the-bat, as doing this can result in resentment and negativity. 

Take all the help that is offered and make sure your helpers feel appreciated. Doing so will create a tight-knit community of wedding supporters that will be the life of the party when the day comes.

MMR Design and Photography
MMR Design and Photography

Don’t get too caught up in trends

In the age of social media and Pinterest, planning an aesthetic, trendy wedding without the help of a skilled wedding planner can seem easy. But as you start this process, remember to use Pinterest to inspire — not copy. This will help you feel satisfied with the end result, no matter what it is, and allow your vendors to use their skills to create something truly unique to you.

In 20 years from now, we promise you won’t care if the wedding had thousands of aesthetic lanterns hanging from trees or the perfect table setting. You’ll be looking back at the pictures of you smiling and having fun with your friends and family.

K Hulett Photography
K Hulett Photography

Trust your vendors

Hiring experienced vendors is key to having a seamless wedding planning process. But it doesn’t stop there. Remember that, you’re paying them to make your wedding magic, they’re also humans. Wedding professionals are almost never in it for the money — they’re doing this because they love the work and are passionate about it.

Respect them by allowing them to have creative freedom. Feel free to send them inspiration, but avoid statements such as:  “I want you to do it like this.” If you tell them what you love about their work, show them inspo from their own portfolio and Pinterest, and put your trust in them, their enthusiasm about your wedding will grow exponentially.

And, when the day comes, refrain from babysitting them. Trust them to do what you’re paying them to do, give them breaks and feed them!

Abi Noel Photography
Abi Noel Photography

Focus on the fun

When you envision your perfect wedding day, what do you see? Probably not you being super stressed out, micro-managing everyone. We bet you’re thinking about walking down the aisle, dancing and partying with your friends, and smiling every step of the way.

Your wedding day marks the beginning of a new stage, one of total commitment and celebration. Your relationship and marriage will never, ever be flawless. Once you let go of the expectation of perfection, you’ll be able to plan your day with a sense of calm and joy, with an expectation of beauty in the chaos.

By trusting your family and vendors, planning for your unique needs and letting go of things that are out of your control, you’ll create the fun version of your wedding that you’ve been dreaming of.

And, we promise, it’ll be worth it.


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