Just Engaged? Here are your dos and don'ts

Photo by Rising Heart Photography
Congratulations! You just got engaged. There is a lot to do, but don’t think it all has to happen at once. You have some time to figure out the details. Here is what you should focus on right away.


1. Enjoy the moment
You just got engaged! Make sure not to obsess too much on the expenses, dates or getting everything done right now. Enjoy the moment you two are in, and the journey that awaits you. Chances are you’ve thought about your big day before. Discuss the wedding of your dreams and bask in how exciting it’ll all be.
2. Start small
Ok, now you can start crunching the numbers. What is that budget going to look like? Make a rough estimate of where you two want to go money-wise. What are the things you are willing to splurge on and areas where you could save?
3. Pick a season
Decide when this grand event should take place. Do you want a summer wedding or a backdrop of amber and gold leaves?
4. Size it up
The cost of your wedding mostly depends on the number of people who will see you walk down the aisle. Do you and your partner foresee an intimate wedding of close family and friends or a ballroom filled with everyone you know? Start by each making a list of who you absolutely must have, and then a bit more. Get an estimate – you can start scaling it down once you start looking at possible venues.
5. Think about engagement photos
Go ahead and schedule your engagement photo session. These photos are fun to post on social media and, of course, to use for save-the-dates. Many wedding photographers offer a package that include engagement photos. See our section on why we recommend hiring a professional on page 14.
1. Start out sprinting
​Go ahead and start planning a little – it’s part of the fun! But don’t stress yourself by trying to get venues, photographers and vows right away. You want to take your time and make sure you see all the options out there. A speedy decision could mean missing out on a better option down the road.
2. Broadcast
Staying tight lipped about your proposal isn’t going to be easy. But until the people closest to you get a visit or a phone call (don’t forget grandma!) the not-so-close friends on social media can wait.
3. Make promises
It is easy to get caught up in everyone’s fantasy for your wedding. Your best friend might have the best idea for a color scheme and your mom might know just where you should book the venue, but at the beginning, make sure you’re just listening instead of jumping into anything too soon.
4. Plan the party
Don’t start sharing the big news and handing out titles for bridesmaids or maid of honor too soon. Talk to your spouse about who they are thinking of including, figure out numbers and take your time before handing anyone a bouquet.
5. Shop and stop
The perfect wedding dress could be the first one you find, but unless you’re absolutely sure, be careful in writing that check too soon. Feel free to go shopping early on, but look at your options before deciding on the dress. Compare prices at different locations and shop around so you know you’ve found the perfect gown.