Katie's Cupcakes comes to life

Sometimes just eating a cupcake isn’t enough. Sometimes you want the experience to continue. That’s the impulse that Katie and Neal Swanson are catering to with their new cute series of children’s books about the nighttime antics of the cupcakes in their Fairhaven, WA shop, Katie's Cupcakes.

“Kids in the shop really liked the cupcakes in our logo,” said Neal. So the Swansons decided to bring those cupcakes to life.
In “Katie’s Cupcakes" and "Papa Loses His Magic," watch the couple's bakery transform into the village of Katie’s Cupcakes with characters such as Papa Peanut Butter, Nutty Nana, Veronica Vanilla, and Linda Lemon. Read along while the cupcakes come to life each night and avoid the meanest cupcake of them all, Frostella, and her helpers Day Old and Stumpy, in their attempts to spoil all the fun.

“The storyline of the books is similar to 80s cartoons,” said Neal, “The bad cupcake and her bad helpers are always trying to get the good ones.” He has a fondness for the baddie though, as Frostella is his favorite character. 

Just like cupcakes, everyone has a favorite, so the couple has also created a line of T-shirts featuring the characters from the books, so lucky customers can sport their favorite .
The books are available for purchase at Katie’s Cupcakes, Village Books, Amazon, and bringcutenessback.com

While the Swansons are exploring new opportunities, the cupcake business is still going strong. Katie’s Cupcakes is available for weddings, but during summer months they’re often doing two to five weddings per weekend, so the sooner you book, the better!

Katie's Cupcakes is located at 1005 Harris Avenue, Bellingham (Fairhaven), and is open Tuesday through Saturday, 11 a.m.– 5 p.m. or until sold out.

If you want more information on how to get delicious cupcakes from Katie's for your wedding, see their listing here.