Keeping track: What not to forget for your wedding

The last few weeks before your wedding will be a whirlwind, and it’s easy to lose track of last minute planning details in the lead-up to your day. We’ve talked to brides and vendors and compiled a list of the most commonly forgotten items that you might encounter. 

We recommend that you make a list or delegate these tasks to ensure they aren’t left behind in the wedding day rush.

Five things to remember
Your marriage license: It seems like a no brainer, but forgetting to bring  your marriage license is one of the most common wedding day mistakes. The marriage license is your responsibility; so make sure you apply for it. Your wedding won’t be legally recognized if you don’t get it, and officiants may refuse to perform the ceremony without it. (See below for more information on applying for your marriage license)

Bring along your invitations: You spent a lot of money on this stationary. Bring along a complete set so your photographer can capture this important detail.

Plan your playlist: Whether you use a DJ or an iPod, it’s important to have your playlist ready to go on your wedding day. While DJs can pull together something on the fly, an iPod must be charged and loaded for it to be useful – and make sure you remember to bring your charger and have someone to man the playlist during the event.

Have cash on hand: You’ll want to tip your vendors on the day of your wedding. Make sure to bring enough cash for everyone, or prepare envelopes to hand out. Having pre-portioned tip envelopes is great, as you can designate someone to hand them out, and get one more thing off your plate.

Iron your linens: Unpressed linens do not make a good impression. What seems like a little oversight can create a disastrous appearance for your party. Confirm with the party rental company that this will be taken care of to ensure they are pressed and ready to go before the tables are set. 

Getting your marriage license

Visit your county’s website to find up-to-date information on how to apply for a license. 

Make time: Washington state requires a three-day waiting period after signing your marriage license application. 

Bring cash: Different counties accept different forms of payment, but most accept cash.

Bring ID: You’ll need a driver’s license or other photo identification.

The Specifics

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