Modern Rooftop Engagement Photoshoot


A note from the photographer:

Jessica and Roark met in Walla Walla, Washington and have been together for over six years! They moved to Portland four years ago and are tying the knot next summer. With Jessica being a designer and Roark a landscape photographer they wanted the modern-clean look of Portland architecture and the whimsical, forestland that the much of PNW has to offer. 

We found the perfect rooftop spot in Northwest Portland and danced around the whole parking lot all morning. After some coffee and a drive up some ivy-filled roads, we got to Forest Park – the 5,100 acre park right in the heart of Portland.

Jessica and Roark were right in their element as the couple has spent their five years together, backpacking, climbing and exploring much of the trails that Oregon and Washington have to offer. 

To say these two were natural together is an understatement. Their love has an effortless softness to it that you just don't find everyday. I feel so lucky to have been able to capture this love and am stoked to be there for their wedding next June. 

Photographer: Kassidy Sherburne Photography