Must dos: the week before the wedding


The week before the wedding will fly by. There will be so many final details to approve, checklists to double-check and inevitably a fire or two will pop up and need to be put out. It’s important to handle all the last-minute wedding details, but It’s also important to carve out time for self-care.

Scribble some time blocks in your schedule for treating yourself, taking care of yourself and spending time with your fiancé.

Treat yourself

Part of treating yourself is taking time for you. Set aside some time for a min-spa night. Take a bubble bath, do a facemask, a hair mask and do all those special occasion self-care things that often fall off the radar when you’re busy.

Do whatever it is that brings you relaxation. It doesn’t matter if it’s watching your favorite TV show in a comfy robe with popcorn, hanging out with your best friends, heading to the spa or creating your own spa night, just do something that brings you calm and joy.

Take care of yourself

The week before the wedding is a busy time and it is easy to forget to do basic self-care tasks, like hydrating and eating regularly. These things can have a huge impact on your mood, stress responses and your skin.

Make sure you are setting yourself up for success and a relaxed wedding day by hydrating the week before, eating regular, healthy meals, and getting plenty of sleep.

If you wake up dehydrated and not rested, you’re likely to go into your wedding day with a short fuse. The time you spend getting ready in the morning will be much more pleasant if you’re starting the day in a good mood, so set yourself up by taking care of yourself in the days leading up to the wedding.

Not eating well can result in skin blemishes popping up on the big day and hydrating and not sleeping can also affect the clarity of your skin. Whether you’re hiring a makeup artist, doing your own makeup, or you’re going totally natural, waking up with a zit on your wedding day is not fun. Taking care of your body leading up to the wedding is going to show in your skin.

Time for you and your fiancé

You’re about to be married! It’s so exciting and easy to get caught up in just getting to the wedding and the post-wedded bliss. Remember to enjoy your last days together as fiancés before you take the plunge.

Set aside time for a date night a few days before the wedding to reconnect over a meal and a walk by the water, or take a morning off to make breakfast together. Spending some time together where you’re not getting something done, running errands, or talking about final wedding prep plans will help you to reset before the wedding. This is a great opportunity to shed the relationship strain often caused by wedding planning and remind each other why you’re tying the knot in the first place.

Your wedding is going to be amazing, but that last week of final prep can get hectic. Prioritize taking care of yourself and your relationship so that you can be firing on all cylinders when the big day arrives.