Traditions: Something borrowed

"Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue." Welcome to our series on making this ever-popular tradition work for your modern wedding. We've covered something old and something new. Today's post:

Something Borrowed
Something borrowed symbolizes borrowed happiness, so many brides choose to borrow something from a happily married couple, though it is also a wonderful way to honor a family member or best friend. Here are a few items that we think would be great to borrow:

  • Jewelry - a family heirloom or something special from a friend
  • A vintage coat or gloves
  • A bridal veil or headpiece
  • A man's handkerchief or cufflinks
  • A silver knife to cut the wedding cake
  • China or vases for centerpieces
  • A reading used at someone special's wedding
  • A loved one's favorite song for your first dance

Borrow a statement necklace or your mother's veil! Photo by Josh Durias Photography.
To give this tradition the most meaning possible, when you ask someone to borrow an item, tell them why you want something of theirs – if you admire their marriage or you want part of them close to you on your special day, make sure they know it. Be sure to write them a thank you note and return their item to them promptly. You're not going to be thinking about this on your wedding day, so assign a bridesmaid or friend to make sure it gets back to its owner.