Trains, tiaras and diamonds, oh my!

2018 royal weddings in review 
Matt Priestman Photography
​This year was big in terms of royal weddings. Five royal weddings graced headlines this year, each with its own style, with new trends emerging as a result. These brides were stylish, royal and both traditional and surprising. Titles aside, these were lavish affairs with the best dressed brides, grooms and guests who, of course, were wearing the very best, most interesting hats in the tradition of royal weddings.
Alessandra de Osma and Prince Christian of Hanover got married in Lima, on March 16. This couple had a two weddings, having a civil ceremony in London months before the Peruvian church wedding of March 16, according to Harper’s Bazar. Jorge Vázquez designed the lace gown, which featured a high neck and long sleeves. De Osma’s veil matched the length of her train, which was long, and needed to be carried by her half-sister in law, who wore a black and pink mini-dress also according to Harper’s Bazar. Alessandra de Osma wore the gorgeous and famous Hanover Floral Tiara, which has been worn in several other Hanoverian weddings according to Town and Country Magazine. The groom wore a dapper 3-piece suit according to Hello Magazine.
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry wed on May 19 at Winsor Castle. The Duchess of Sussex wore a dress with an epic train and veil much in the tradition of royal weddings this year. According to People, the Duchess of Sussex wore for a tiara the Queen Mary Diamond Bandeau, made in 1932, but the detachable broach at the center of the tiara dates back to the late 1800s and belonged to Queen Mary before the tiara was passed down to Queen Elizabeth. At the ceremony, a simple welsh gold band was slipped onto Meghan Markle’s newly royal finger, as is tradition according to Town and Country Magazine. The engagement ring was a different story. Town and Country Magazine reported that Prince Harry designed the custom ring himself, and sourced the main stone from Botswana, and the two other stones came from Princess Diana’s jewelry collection. Each part of the ring seems to hold significance for the couple.
Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank wed at Winsor Castle on October 12. Princess Eugenie wore an open backed dress famously showcasing her scars from her battle with scoliosis. She did not wear a veil with the intention of not covering up her scars. However, this break with tradition was perhaps rectified by her wearing of the Greville Emerald Kokoshnik tiara, which served as a gorgeous and colorful addition to her wedding outfit. Queen Elizabeth II loaned her granddaughter this diamond and emerald beauty for the wedding says Today. Today also stated that this tiara is rarely worn publically by royals, so the choice surprised many. Most unique tiara of the year? Hands down Princess Eugenie.
Princess Ayako and Kei Moriya wed on October 29 at the Meiji Shrine in Tokyo. The Japanese princess officially lost her royal status that very day, as she chose to wed a commoner according to Japan Times. She wore traditional court attire, which is traditionally very colorful. Princess Ayako’s hair was done up in an ancient style for noblewomen. It seems that the affair was very traditional, and Japan Times reported on many well wishes for joy and a happy household.
Duchess Sophie of Württemberg and Count Maximilien of Andigné wed at the Castle of Tegernsee on December 13. This couple was another who had a civil ceremony some months before the wedding, opting for a later, more lavish public affair according to Daily Mail. Duchess Sophie’s train and veil were also quite long, and her dress featured a boat neck and three quarter length sleeves. Duchess Sophie wore in the way of family heirlooms a beautiful diamond tiara, and an impressively intricate lace veil according to
The royal weddings this year were all affairs to remember. From the outfits to the settings, these weddings have set trends that we will see long into the New Year. Long trains, full length veils and colored stone accents have taken their place among 2018 wedding trends, but will surely carry over and continue effecting trends for a long time to come. Even royal brides are beginning to break with tradition in favor of personal style, and that should inspire us all.