Turquoise and Ruby: Engagement at Diablo Lake


Photographer says:

The story: I’ve been dying to shoot at Diablo Lake, ever since my first visit there, over a year ago! Diablo Lake is known for its turquoise water and I love that it has the look of an adventure session without the effort of hiking to get there. It’s got the most amazing viewpoint, and it’s only a few steps past the parking lot. I met Iyanna (who is a model, by the way!) online and was so happy to officially meet her and her fiancé, Michael. They were both so kind, and Michael had Iyanna laughing the whole time. They’re adorable and so chatty with each other, which was funny because they had crushes on each other for weeks before they first talked! You’ve got to check out Iyanna’s engagement ring as well. It’s so gorgeous! It was inspired by coral and they chose to go with a ruby stone, Iyanna’s birthstone, rather than your typical diamond. On top of it all, it was created by an artisan in Israel! Iyanna and Michael will be tying the knot in Florida summer of 2017.