What is your something blue?


Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. We all know this old rhyme, but is there a fresher take than a blue garter or blue earrings? Brides today are looking for new ideas on how to incorporate traditions like this into their wedding. Here are some creative ideas for your something blue.

In the past, wearing your something blue has been traditional. I’ve heard tell of light blue lingerie, blue garters and, of course, blue jewelry. However, there has been a big resurgence of embroidery in pop culture, and that has started to trickle back into our wedding trends. Use blue thread to embroider the date of your wedding on a handkerchief and keep it with you throughout your day, tucked away somewhere. Embroider a ribbon with a well wish for your marriage and tie it onto your bouquet. Embroidered veils are also a trend we saw a lot of in 2018. Not a crafter? Maybe Mom wants to contribute this lasting trinket. Maybe Grandma can even teach her how to do it. Alternately, have someone professionally embroider your veil or the hem of your dress with blue details or the date.

Something blues are popping up in the details this year. Do you want to add a little sparkle to your look? This only works if you plan on wearing heels but consider bedazzling the bottom of your shoes with the date or “I do.” It’s a subtle little detail that adds a little pizzazz to your look. Blue shoes are also very big, adding a fun pop of color to your wedding look.

A fun realization in the wedding world is that your something blue doesn’t have to be something you wear. Something blue could be your bridesmaids’ dresses, or an accent in your table setting or flower arrangements. Blue napkins, or blue hydrangeas on the table will be a beautiful accent to your wedding décor. Add blue accents to your cake or serve a blue cocktail as your signature wedding drink.

Consider adding blue accents to your party favors. Instead of giving guests rice to throw, which is not good for local birds, give them dried flower petals from your favorite blue flowers, or give them blue bubbles to blow. If you’re a bride with a lot of nervous energy to use up before the wedding, or you have a lot of hands on deck to help, try folding miniature paper airplanes out of blue paper for your guests to throw. Then send the kids to collect them. Get your guests involved in the tradition.

Blue place cards for guests with space on the back to write a well wish or a piece of advice for the happy couple that will be collected at the end of the evening is another idea. This is a nice blue twist on a guest book and will provide timeless keepsakes from your special day.

Your something blue can be fun and show off your personality and it can turn into a sentimental keepsake if you choose carefully. Chose something blue that means something to you.

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