What you'll really remember: Brides' favorite moments

Brides' favorite wedding memories | Photo by MCD PhotographyPhoto by MCD Photography
While in the midst of planning, it’s easy to think it would be a disaster if you didn’t get your DIY favors finished, or if your florist couldn’t source your favorite flower. But when you ask brides what they really remember – their favorite moments from their wedding – you’ll find it’s the simple things that really matter:

“We had a first look, but it was only for me. My husband wore a blindfold and I got to see him. That probably was my favorite memory from the entire day because it was finally happening.” – Elizabeth M.

“Making s’mores on the beach at the end of the night with my husband.” – Jennifer M.

“Afterward at dinner when I realized I had no idea what the decorations at the ceremony looked like, because all I could see was him. It reminded me why I got married.” – Nikki B.

“We rode our tandem bike around and through our crowd of guests after the ceremony and pictures. It was a perfect and very fun moment that broke up all the formal wedding must-dos and transitioned our evening into party time!” – Karli M.

“All of it was amazing. I guess I’d say after everything was done, sitting on the beach that night with my closest friends and family at the resort. It was a simple moment but it was when I realized I was married and all these wonderful people love me so much they flew across the country to be with me on my day! It was the moment I had everyone I’m closest to in one spot at one time and we all got to relax by the beach with a drink in our hand. We got to forget about life and just enjoy the moment.” – Jenna M.

“Waiting to walk down the aisle, with my 9-year-old son giving me away.” – Rebecca M.

“When my husband played his acoustic guitar for everyone and got to have his own mini concert.” – Emily E.

“Oh, that’s a tough one. I think probably after it was all said and done, taking pause over the teamwork of pulling the hundreds of bobby pins out of my hair to realize, ‘Whoa. We got married today,’ (and survived)!” – Larissa J.